[LiveBlog] The Eve of the Sarah

As promised, a live blog! Session kicks off in twenty minutes or so, two hours ago I was trying desperately to finish a meeting with my new boss, now I’m sat, actually nervous, waiting for the fun to start.

I made the slight mistake of having a full strength coffee earlier, so I’ve got the pink butterflies in my stomach. And I checked all my paraphernalia ten minutes ago and realised, like the absent minded girl I am, that I’d forgotten perfume. Cue a quick dash through rush hour pedestrians to the perfume shop by St.Pauls and now, fifty-five quid lighter, Sarah has a nice bottle of her favourite Chanel No.5 to liberally spray around the place.

The coffee has given me a touch of paranoia as well, Plus the apartment is literally over the street, and it’s loud at there. One part of me looks forward to it – fully housewife’d and femm, maybe step out onto the balcony and watch the ‘norms’ go by. But another part of me, el-caffeinero, is feeling homesick and a little scared.

I’m genuinely nervous for other reasons too. I’ve been reasonably bad the last couple of weeks, lots of BrewDog beer and very little exercise, and I’m feeling Sarah getting cross at the fact I might be a little more podgy than I’ve been in the past. Wow, there’s a culture-driven body shame for a start. It;s tough being a girl.

Anyway, think I need a beer from the fridge to calm her nerves…… Come on Sarah, I’ve missed you, darling….


4 thoughts on “[LiveBlog] The Eve of the Sarah

  1. Ooooh, and the excitement grows! 😁 I suggest that if you want to go out onto the balcony Sarah, then you should. If you wait until dusk, you may find it a little easier. Now relax and have a fabulous time! XXXX


  2. Totally relate to your experiences and so funny about the perfume. Traveling from Europe for weekends in London it is always a military operation for myself. And as we know…no battle plan survives first contact!
    Have a great time and enjoy every second πŸ’‹

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