[LiveBlog] T’was the night before Sarahmas

Sorry I’ve been quiet – the heatwave combined with an insane amount of work and a touch of the Black Dog have made Sarah a grumpy-girl, but today is different. And I’m going to try something correspondingly different.

See, I’m sat here in my pyjama shorts and Rick and Morty T-shirt feeling a little soft. I’ve just shaved the legs, arms, shoulders. There’s a massive rucksack packed on the floor next to my work laptop bag. Yup, it’s that time again, I’m off for three days of Sarah in London.


Pictured – her, not him.

So what’s different I hear you say? Well, I always report about the fun/trials/tribulations of these sessions after the fact, This time I’m going to try and blog every day during the session, just to see if I can get the emotions down in a blog as to how I feel.

Sooo, this one is the first of potentially four, although on the last day I’m, ‘squeeeee’, going out to a nightclub in full Sarah retro mode, 1940s frock, sensible heels, the gorgeous blonde ‘Phoebe’ wig, new purse, maybe a flower in my hair. So I may not get a chance to blog then, but I’ll try.

However, here’s the plan, because I never do it the easy way, Tomorrow, in about five and a half hours, I’ll get up, drive the sixty miles to get to a mainline train station, head into London. Then I’m going to work, with all of my frocks and accessories in my rucksack. I need to talk to my new boss about serious things, and she has arranged a meeting that ends when I can check into the apartment I’ve booked for two nights.

The rucksack weighs a tonne – it has two compartments, one of which has twelve frocks, the other has two pair of heels (sensible black and stupidly sexy pink patent), by breastplate, my silicon boobs, five pairs of stay-ups, a silky white nightie, a pink and a white retro belts (the elastic ones with the metal clasps), my corset, my jewellery box with the wonderful anklet given to me by my dearest friend, my perfume, basically Sarah in a bag.

I plan to head from work to the apartment, check in, put all of Sarah’s frocks in the cupboard to air, then pop out. Get some food (it’s a self-catering apartment), some beer because I’m a middle-aged idiot who likes beer, maybe a little something for the lady, bit of Prosecco as her tastes are more for the grape than the grain.

Then Cindy will come over, around 18:30, and as a warmup we’re going to do a more natural look. And then I plan to put on this one dress I’ve bought specifically for the occasion, a seriously mumsy tidy frock, and spend the entire evening as Sarah. I want to try and channel her, see what happens when she gets some time to be her. I have so many fun ideas, maybe buy a terrible romance novel and have her read it, maybe watch some girlie television. And then something fun.


Pictured – her idea of fun, his idea of sexy

Tomorrow, Sarah writes a blog. And I’m so looking forward to it. Just the idea of being fully femmed up, the smell of my perfume wafting around me, the sound of my heels on the wooden floor as I walk around nervously, dreading a fire alarm (now that would be an adventure too far). I’m genuinely interested in what she will say as, as i mentioned, I write these blogs either after the fact or before the fact, when I’m drowning in the afterglow or buzzing with the thought of frockage to come. This time it will be her fingers, nails allowing, typing the blog.

Day two will be a full retro glam day in the apartment, with some distinct scenarios I want to try out. I have a gorgeous proper maid’s uniform so some housekeeping will be in order. Already have a fun little idea involving the maid tidying up after the residents in the apartment have had a night of naughtiness.


Pictured – the Maid, unknowing of my plans for her…..

Day three will be studio shoot at Cindy’s, followed up with a night on the town

Frocks wise it’s almost *all* retro – I have three 1940s fitted day-dresses (I know, overkill but I can’t get enough of the land-girl look), one of which I’ll be wearing out to the club. There’s the floral one I’ve put up way too many pictures of (because I love it), the same style in a gorgeous emerald which would look lovely with red hair, and finally a black one with small white polka-dots. I have *the* Kitty frock from Vivien of Holloway, a pink number with large white polka-dots that is pretty much my perfect frock. I have a lovely pussy-bow blouse for an office look, ruby red with white polka-dots (am i sensing a pattern here?), a couple of revisits of mumsy dresses as I’m in a bit of a house-wife phase at the moment.

All in all, should be fun. Stay tuned you beautiful people, this could be a fun ride.


Pictured – “Ready babe? Let’s hit the town…..”

2 thoughts on “[LiveBlog] T’was the night before Sarahmas

  1. Wow! Thank goodness I’m at Miss C’s a week later. In the aftermath of your exciting sessions, she must find me very bland and unprepared! But perhaps less exhausting! Lol!


  2. Oh Sarah! You are going to have soooo much fun!!! I could almost squeeee!!! 😊 A whole three days of fabulous retro femininity! 😁 I am so jealous! 😉 I shall be looking forward to what *you* have to say sweetie!
    Have a fabulous time and say hello to C&V for me?


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