[LiveBlog] Sarah in the fading but beautiful afterglow

i didn’t quite get to write a blog as Sarah, but as I sit here on the bed in my rented apartment, typing slowly because my gorgeous nails really don”t get on with my MacBook keyboard, wearing a black satin nightie with the remnants of the makeup still on my face, a fresh squirt of Chanel No.5 on my neck and wrists, I’m way more her than him.

But first, I’m absolutely shattered. I’ve slept one hour in the last twenty-six, not really conducive to good mental health. But I’l finish this quick live update and then get some well-earned beauty sleep.

We did three looks tonight, all based around a slightly more ‘normal’ girl look for Sarah. a gorgeous 1940s frock that is just to die for, an old favourite Lindy Bop floral mandarin style frock and the return of the banker’s trophy wife. A wonderful four or so hours, and I’m in love with the 1940s Sarah. She’s just my kind of girl and I’m pretty sure I’m the kind of guy she likes too…..

So, absolutely hot off the presses….


Pictured – Sarah happy to be a Lindy Bop girl…


Pictured – I think she wants you to join her on the bed….


Pictured – The Banker’s trophy wife preparing to receive a deposit.. 😉

Right, off to the land of nod, more tomorrow you beautiful people…


5 thoughts on “[LiveBlog] Sarah in the fading but beautiful afterglow

  1. I have followed your posts for quite a while and since some connection or another.

    When I saw your recent posts, I realised I was in the wrong arena.

    I am the man with the camera that takes photos of sissy cuckold men and their wife that own them.

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  2. Enjoy your well deserved beauty sleep sweetie! I’m really happy to hear that you’re continuing the experience by sleeping in feminine nightwear and perfume too. 😊 Rest well Sarah. XXXX


  3. Did Cindy change your makeup halfway through or is that just the lighting? She has created an amazing look. Not sure the LindyBop dress isn’t a bit short for the period but then “long” on you will finish halfway up your thighs anyway, like “short” on me touches the ground. You look stunning in all of those dresses – can’t wait for Friday’s blogs. Don’t forget!

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  4. Hi Sarah. Love the floral Lindy Bop dress – very colourful. And I adore you in the polka dot dress with your “come to bed” eyes. As Doris Day once sang: “Move over Darling,” I’d like to join you in that bed! Lots of Love, Sylvie xxxx


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