[Philosophy] Call me Mary. Typhoid Mary….

Bah. After two years of being terrified about Covid, taking all the precautions, locking myself away when the government told me to, wearing a mask (and glaring at people who didn’t) on the Tube in London, I’d become sure I was completely immune to that insidious little virus from China. Last week I boldly went to a conference in Dublin, got up on a stage, strutted my stuff, did the usual celebration dinners with the team and lo and behold, infected.

Pictured – yeah, it’s going to be a health-whinge post so plenty of piccies to make up for it. Housewife at work…

In fact I didn’t realise I had Covid; I just thought the hotel was terrible. I was hot and sweaty overnight, dry throat, and I put it down to bad air-con and a change of atmosphere while away from home.

I’m also terrified of flying so when I do travel, i.e. Dublin, it’s a mammoth trek; took the fast ferry which is 2hrs 15mins but even then it’s a three and half hour country lane drive to get to Holyhead. Coming back last Friday I was burning up on the ferry (and without knowing I was infectious I still isolated myself the best I could), and then the drive was, well, entertaining. Got home, got the shivers, took my temperature (a balmy 38.2C), took a Covid test and got the dreaded two lines, and then took myself off to bed.

Pictured – I like to think that if I’d been born with various working bits and not so much of the external genitalia that this is how I’d have turned out. A girl can dream.

Went out like a light and came to at 2:15am in the morning, feeling like I was lying in a stone-cold puddle. I was so amazed by the amount of sweat my fever produced that I took a picture of the sodden bed and it literally looks like someone threw at least two buckets of water over me. Cue seven days of testing, positive, but, other than feeling like I’d been punched in the face by the miserable fist, and a little cough, I was fine. The fever broke itself in one night.

I’ve now been negative for five days and still feel grot-tacular. It also gave me time to feel miserable about not having had a chance to frock-up lately; I don’t tend to dress in the Summer, mostly because when I dress it’s for a session and if the outside temperature is high 20’s or even, in one case, up to 34C, it’s not a huge amount of fun to have four layers of shape-wear and a dress on top. Chuck in the fact I have a lot of hair myself, which when contained by a wig cap and another chunk of hair on top is literally a great way to cook my brain, so I tend to have a little off-time in the months of June through to October.

Pictured – terror and elation in the same photo. Wish I was brave enough to do this more often, but of course the irony is the more you do it the less rush….

Luckily I have a session booked for next week; back up to Patti at Wowgals for a second time. I really liked her take on the retro look, going to go for some glam stuff again. Plus I get to stay at the BrewDog hotel in Manchester which is utterly sublime.

Bit of a ramble this; I’m five days negative with Covid but it keeps throwing weird stuff at me. Today I was cooking breakfast and couldn’t work out what the hissing noise was; I’d turned the tap on in the sink and just forgot. I never do that.

Pictured – I’m normally *so* good in the kitchen

I also presented at a conference in London yesterday which was hysterical as I rely on my ability to real-time multi-task during these things. Never plan what I’m going to say, just let it flow and watch the audience. Being on the far side of Covid this was amusing as my ability to multitask has dropped in the toilet; what was going to be a highly technical overview of next gen technologies around AI turned into a stand-up comedy routine. It was filmed and if I’m ever brave enough I’ll share it….

Pictured – no context for this picture at all, except I love the idea of the ‘human doll’. Probably best to keep that for a ‘fantasies’ blog post.

Completely aware this hasn’t been overly femm-y; don’t worry, I’m planning to write a couple more today to make up for that. This one is a just a ‘hellfire, I got Covid’ post to get it out of my system…..

Stay beautiful and be careful out there, this latest variant isn’t overly dangerous but it’s about as much fun as pouring a jug of cold water over your lap.

Pictured – the exact kind of girl I watched in pubs and clubs growing up, never knowing why I was so attracted to her without really seeing her face. For a clever person I can and am incredibly dense at times.

2 thoughts on “[Philosophy] Call me Mary. Typhoid Mary….

  1. Oh Sarah! I’m so sorry to hear that you caught Covid. 🙁 😔 But I’m really pleased to hear that you’re now testing negative. 🙂
    That is wonderful news! 😊

    I’m still dealing with it myself. The lethargy is doing my head in! 😕

    I really hope that you are have more energy ready for your return visit to Manchester to see Patti. 🙂
    And I know that you will have an absolutely wonderful experience! 😊 XXX

    Please take care and stay safe my dear friend. 🙂 😘



  2. Glad you are feeling better but sad you had to deal with it nonetheless. Your approach to presenting is similar to my own, right down to riffing comedy if confused. I find that reasonably fascinating.

    Liked by 1 person

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