[Frock Tales] The long and very short of it all….

There are some looks that seem to strike a chord with people and this little, with an emphasis on the word ‘little’, dress really ticks a lot of boxes. But there’s a really fun story behind it which makes me smile as I think about typing it.

I have talked about it in the past but I was very lucky to get to go to a Torture Garden evening escorted by the wonderful and amazingly protective Cindy Conti from ‘Boys will be Girls’. I cannot praise her enough; not only has she created Sarah (I have no clue about makeup, hair or modern fashion) but she has encouraged me to get out and about, which I find terrifying but exhilarating. And it always amazes me immensely because she’s tiny; I’m always terrified about going out and she’s literally just ‘come on, I’ll take care of you’. And I believe her.

Pictured – sheer terror and sheer confidence, guess which is which.

When we went out to Torture Garden I went for a full fetish/PVC outfit, keyhole tight dress, fishnets, killer heels and a PVC corset on the outside. I was, well, a little larger at that time but didn’t care as, cough, I was pretty much drunk (honest version; blissfully pissed) in order to step out of the door. In order to get into Torture Garden you have to dress appropriately, and Cindy had a gorgeous tiny faux-leather wet look dress on, which for me would have been just a belt.

Fast forward three years and eighteen months of insane dieting and exercise and at this session I put my smaller frame in Cindy’s hands for one of her always amusing ‘dealer’s choice’ outfits.

And she got me into the dress she had worn for Torture Garden, which I thought was impossible. What was even more gratifying is that we did without any under-garment shaping devices; no corset, just a bra and some panties.

Pictured – if you’d told me when I was happily tiddled at Torture Garden that one day in the not so distant future I would fit into the faux-leather swatch my friend was wearing I’d have laughed at you. And then had another four drinks.

I am going to admit I was convinced she’d never get it to fit, but I stood, a bit wobbly, corrected. And what a gorgeous outfit it was.

In addition, as I mentioned in the last blog post, I’ve got a little bit of cleavage and now I’ve shaved the gorilla fur it’s lot of fun to use my own swellings. A touch of makeup to accentuate the valley and boom, what a lovely effect.

Pictured – 100% Sarah cleavage. Again, if you’d told me that when I was at Torture Gardens etc etc…

But yeah, barely a belt. I couldn’t do any sitting pictures because you would literally be able to see my backbone. It’s also an outfit that I would love to wear out somewhere but I’m pretty sure I’d be a very popular girl if I did. Which is why I probably won’t do it….

Pictured – with a dress that short you know you’re going to get to go home with a lot of pinch bruises….

Anyway, short and sweet, just like this adorable dress. Huge thanks as always to Cindy for letting me wear her stuff, now I can just about pretend to fit.

Stay beautiful and remember that there is no thing as too short a dress….

Pictured – not too short a dress. More like a short t-shirt.

2 thoughts on “[Frock Tales] The long and very short of it all….

  1. This is a lovely blog post Sarah. πŸ™‚ XX
    I think it’s fabulous that all of your hard work with dieting has paid off such amazing dividends! You are right about Cindy. She is an amazing person. And very petite. So I think it’s fantastic that she has got you into one of her dresses. 😊 Admittedly it is mid-thigh on her and a bit higher on you! πŸ˜±πŸ˜‰β˜ΊοΈ XXX
    It is definitely a frock that is scandalously skimpy!
    But I love that you were able to fill it out at the top and show off your assets properly! 😊 😘
    Stay safe and stay well my dear, beautiful friend.
    😘 πŸ’‹ XXXX


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  2. You wear it well …..not as well as Cindy mind you but it wasn’t designed for a Sarah !

    Congratulations on the weight loss , very jealous that I can’t do it and believe me I’ve tried !

    Looking good but I dare you to visit the Torture garden in the outfit to complete the satisfaction .

    Lara-Lilly x

    Liked by 1 person

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