[Frock Tales] The Shelley Long and Short of it all

I know, two posts in less than an hour or so. Some days you get the urge to be creative, and some days it’s way more fun to indulge in a bit of cross-dressing blog posting. I kid, I write novels as a side-career and in the last four years I’ve written more words in these posts than in all of my four novels and book of short stories, which kinda tells you where my focus is nowadays.

Pictured – just your average Shelley Long obsessed Cheers fan…

Anyway, this is another of the frock tales from the last couple of sessions; I used to do BIG posts covering all the looks in a single session and although those were fun to write (hell, all of these are fun to write to be honest) I’d find myself lagging towards the end and documenting what were great looks and experiences with ‘yeah, I wore this dress now’ which was unfair to the frockage.

So these are short and hopefully sweet; this dress and look was gorgeous to wear and pose in for a couple of very cool reasons. Firstly, Cheers from the 1980s. For some reason I think I’ve captured the look of Shelley Long, an actress I always had a soft spot for because she was the kind of ditsy, adorable and glamorous woman I thought I found attractive (spoiler, turns out I want to BE her rather than be with her, who’d have thunk it?).

Pictured – actually a bit of Cheers and a bit of ‘The Brady Bunch’ going on here. Either way, awfully cute.

This is actually another pattern of a dress I’ve worn before – I enjoyed the first one so much, and they were very cheap on Amazon, that I got another with a similar yet darker pattern. Again, amusingly, the fabric of these dresses is a little odd, it feels like satin but wow, talk about static cling.

You really haven’t enjoyed life as a cross-dresser until your own dress has felt you up. This one, after I’d swished and swooshed for twenty minutes or so, really wanted to get up inside me (bad dress) and it felt a little, well exciting. Kind of fun when your life is so drab you get turned on by a piece of clothing trying to have its way with you, but I guess you had to be there.

Pictured – trying desperately to pull the static clinging frock off of my legs but instead it looks like I’m offering myself for a quickie with the husband….

I love the style of the dress a lot; it has a belt which pulls it in nicely, and the whole length, skirt and sleeves gives it an adorable ‘wifey’ or ‘mumsy’ feel.

Like a lot of the fashions I wear (and it feels good to say that rather than third-person myself with ‘Sarah wears’) they really aren’t things you see women of today wearing. They are a callback to previous generations, and this feels like a late 1980’s Laura Ashley style number. It’s not coincidence that my fashion sense it firmly stuck in the 80s and before, although I really can’t (nor do I want to) explain my love of the forties and fifties (other than I’ve been possessed by a fashion conscious airhead of a 1940s/1950s housewife).

Pictured – my ‘Diane wondering what Sam has got up to this time’ look

I see this a lot in the likes and comments on the social media sites I frequent (a little too much but hey, obsession obsession obsession); I utterly adore this look and style and it will get 50 or so likes. Put up a picture of me lounging seductively on a sofa in lingerie and the likes are in the hundreds. I’ve been, technically, a man for over half a century and I don’t understand it, but there again my hormones are all over the shop so I don’t quite class myself as a normal man (says the 52 year old crossdresser).

Anyway, this look was so Shelley Long, Cheers’ era. I tried to channel her facial expressions and that wonderful naive ditsy nature as well; call it a homage to a woman I found intriguing.

Pictured – well they say imitation is the greatest form of flattery….

Stay beautiful and never meet your heroes, but dress as them instead whenever you can.

Pictured – and what a cute floral print as well….

8 thoughts on “[Frock Tales] The Shelley Long and Short of it all

  1. Sarah you look absolutely gorgeous! 😍
    It is so clear from the pictures that Shelley Long is an ideal that you have totally embraced!
    You look so uncannily like her it’s surreal! 😮😊
    I think you could easily get a job as a lookalike! 😉
    That dress is gorgeous and soooo you sweetie! 😘 XX
    If we should become our hero(ines) then I need to talk to Cindy about channeling Alexandra Bastedo! 😉

    Stay safe and well my beautiful friend, 😘❤️


    Liked by 1 person

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