[Frock Tales] Chasing away the blues with a pink

Ooo, prepare to be deluged as they say. I did a session last Saturday where I did oodles of fun looks, a bit of bravery (outside again) and some stuff outside of my usual blend of normality (which is stretching the realms of normalcy from a normal perspective). The last couple of weeks have been exquisitely shit, if you’ll pardon the language, a mix of physical and mental issues that all added up to me, well, being grumpy and down.

So I racked up to Cindy’s place like a mobile dark cloud of miserableness, but within half an hour I’d relaxed and we got some adorable looks done, utterly assisted by Cindy’s amazing makeup work which was totally wonderful.

Pictured – butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth, so I’ve heard

So, I thought I’d go back to the old way of doing some frock tales for the looks rather than a magnum opus of all of them at once, and it gives me a chance to relax and look at them in depth. These posts might be a little shorter but they will come thick and fast, I promise.

So, the first outfit was, well, a lot of fun. I needed a cheer-up and this one was exactly what I needed.

It’s a pink, sheer Skater dress from Collectif and, as is the case with a number of outfits from Collectif, I really have no idea what kind of girl it is aimed at. Sure, I loved it to bits – what’s not to love, Peter Pan collar, see through top, cute sleeves, gorgeous chiffon shimmery skirt, all topped off with a pink belt with a big white heart for a buckle.

Pictured – when I saw the dress on the Collectif site I imagined it would look like….this

But seriously, what kind of woman is this aimed at? It doesn’t strike me as something you’d wear to work, unless work is a themed 1950s roller-rink and you’re a waitress. Club dress, perhaps? It’s just this side of kinky; not helped by being see-through and, well, a bit girlie.

We added a lovely pride bow and some Mary Jane style shoes (again, gorgeous but not sure of their day-to-day usability in the real world; note that I’m not complaining, nor would I if women started deciding this kind of fashion was suitable for shopping in Tescos with, but I’m not holding my breath for that future…).

Posing was fun as well; it’s a short dress so certain poses revealed my white panties (yes, as part of the full adoption of fun girlie-ness I now wear white cotton panties, very sensible), and the nature of the top part of the dress means that, yes, my nipples are completely on view. So a lot of the pictures can’t be used on, say, Facebook or Instagram as I’d get instantly banned. Although it is fun to get treated the same way a sex worker would be treated on FB, but that’s a whole different and entertaining fantasy world.

Pictured – I love this pose for some reason. It’s just cute

Out of amusement, Collectif call it an ‘Adore Glitter Skater Dress’ and describe it with the following florid prose which made me have to buy it at once:

“Our Adore Glitter Skater Dress is an Adorable pastel piece! She’s both cute and a little bit daring, perfect for your fun, weekend mode! Her upper half is a super stretchy, sheer pink mesh, with sweet sleeves, and classic Peter Pan collar, made from a contrasting glitter coated bengaline fabric in a matching shade. Her mini skater skirt is also made from this fun fabric, with handy side seam pockets, and a covered belt with a white, marble-effect heart shaped buckle and metal eyelets and spoke. Pair yours with the matching Outlaw Glitter Biker Jacket for a matching pastel princess look.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself, other than adding ‘perfect for 52 year old transvestites who want to look like a 17 year old tease’. I would say that would probably impact their sales but I kinda thing it would impact it for the better.

Pictured – and a 52 year old should know better than to pose like this. Let’s just say my hips today, two days after the pose, are still moaning. Loudly. Totally worth it though….

And yeah, I love this dress to bits. It’s the kind of dress that, should clubs ever re-open again, I’d be almost tempted to wear out. There’s nothing like a 6ft2in pink princess to light up a dancefloor.

Ahh, I can dream. I am assumed the clubs will come back…..

Anyway, short and sweet, more to come!

Stay beautiful and if you see a dress that you think ‘that’s a bit much’ buy it. You know you want to.

Pictured – I think I nailed the winsome, innocent look pretty well. Cough.

5 thoughts on “[Frock Tales] Chasing away the blues with a pink

  1. Sarah you look spectacularly gorgeous here! 😍
    I am so pleased that you were able to get back to London and visit Cindy. 😊
    And this dress?! Fabulous! 😘
    You are right that is super girly and more than a little bit naughty too. πŸ˜‰ It looks like the kind of ‘fun weekend’ outfit where you spend all weekend at home having ‘fun’ with your husband or boyfriend! πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ’‹
    I will look forward to seeing what other wonderful outfits and looks you will be showing off for us all!

    Take care sweetie! πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹β€οΈ


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