[Frock Tales] Toothpaste Tube Frockage

Well, I did warn you they would come fast and thick, as the actress said to the bishop. I’m going through the looks from last Saturday in order but, amusingly, I managed to grab a cancellation spot at Cinders for this weekend so I’m back up to London for some more fun. Basically I paid in advance for a number of sessions while we were in lockdown; I knew I’d want the sessions after and it gave Cindy some cash during the time when she couldn’t operate, so win/win.

Anyway, time for the second frock. This was a lot of fun due to the fact that the waxing incident had almost completely subsided so my chest and back were less lunar landscape and more ‘fabulous’, and this was a dress to take advantage of that and my diet-rapidly-becoming-an-eating-disorder.

Pictured – Buy a girl a drink? And maybe a burger? And hold my hair while I bring it back up?

And it was a great find. It was an Amazon frock, not a label, and I got it for about a tenner. It was, yet again, one of those last thing at night, feeling a little like I needed some fun so surfing Amazon and other clothes sites with my wallet at the ready, moments, and I was 75% sure it wouldn’t fit. Plus it has a serious feminine shape to it; a fish-tail skirt, halter neck, tight all over.

I got the feeling I’d look like one of those semi-desperate lasses out on a night-out, desperately wanting to pull a bloke but still eating chips and chocolate, squeezed into a toothpaste tube dress like fourteen stone of Colgate in a ten stone bag.

But it worked. And it worked a treat. We went for a nice blonde/roots hairdo, my favourite, and yes I love the phrase a little too much, ‘f*ck-me metal heel stilettos’, a cute little bag I picked up that has flowers on it (it feels like a 3D model) and heaps of nightclub-girl attitude.

Pictured – going to bed hungry since August has paid off somewhat

The fact my chest and back had calmed down was a great relief and this frock highlighted that in the best way.

Plus we took some photos from the back and wow. I’ve stopped using padded pants/hips and stopped using a corset; instead I use an old fashion 1950s style girdle and underwear, which combined together give a subtle hourglass shape to what little fat I have left with the advantage of not having visible lines (the corset used to be great but any dress without a pattern or even slightly tight and you could see every one of the whalebones). Plus this setup feels a lot less restrictive and allows me to pose more naturally.

So, yeah, as you can tell I was very happy with the result of this look. Definitely one for a club assuming they ever re-open. Although I kinda think I might need thicker panties as that bottom would definitely elicit interest from the male sex.

Pictured – hmmmm, peaches. No idea why that fruit jumped into my mind

Anyway, short and sweet, more to come….

Stay beautiful and go for those daring dresses once in a while. You might surprise yourself.

Pictured – practising my delusional ‘you want to see my ID to prove I’m 18?’ pose.

3 thoughts on “[Frock Tales] Toothpaste Tube Frockage

  1. Sarah you look spectacularly gorgeous! 😍 This dress fits you so incredibly well! 😊 I am pleased to see that the diet – cum – eating (πŸ˜‰!) disorder is paying dividends in the frock fitting department! 😁
    You’ll have to let me know your current dress size sweetie. In case I see something that I think you will look fabulous in! πŸ™‚
    Take care my beautiful friend. πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹β€οΈ


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