[Fashion] T’is the season to be Julie, fa la la la la, fa lah lah lah!

Ah, the afterglow of yet another session. Today finds me stuck in the office until 21:00, babysitting someone else’s meeting, my mind still whirring from a gorgeously wonderful session yesterday with the sublime Cindy at Boys will be Girls, ten hours of frockage and fun, followed by a late night in the hotel room greedily looking at al the pictures, minimal sleep, an office Xmas do where I promised myself I wouldn’t drink only to have one, two, three, six pints of beer at midday.

Come to think of it the whirring in my head may be a self-induced evening hangover, but what the hey; the sum of all my choices for today means I’m sat by myself in the entrance lobby of my company’s London office waiting for the guests to finish, in about an hour and a bit, so I can go back to the hotel and literally comatose myself for eight or so hours before I need to present to customers again.

But you’re not here to hear about my whirlwind existence in the drab universe. You’re here for the continuing adventures of Sarah and wow, what a session it was yesterday.


Pictured – not this session but something Xmassy from a while back. Got to love a little Mrs.Claus action…..

It’s becoming an Xmas tradition to do a session early December-ish, and I always make an effort of finding something a little Xmassy. In this case I found a gorgeously camp snowman-motif 1950s style swing dress, which was the first of the outfits we did, but we also did some stuff that was way outside of the normal retro Sarah-sphere, and it was wonderfully fun.

So, with no further delay, here’s the Seasonal Session outfits with lots of gorgeous gushing, if you’ll allow me…..

1: Happy Xmas, Sarah….


Pictured – oh Lord, it’s like all my Xmas’s came at once…

I *love* this outfit. We tried a new wig, or rather one we’ve never tried before, and it really caught the housewife/Xmas cook look I was going for. The snowman motif was adorably cute, and combined with a pretty little apron to keep the turkey gravy off of it I think we nailed the housewife preparing dinner for the family look.

Also did a couple of fun photos with inappropriate presents so I could practice my ‘exasperated with hubby’ look. The makeup Cindy worked on Sarah was sublime.


Pictured – reading the instructions on her inappropriate stocking-filler present of a box of Tampax…..

She did an exaggerated eye makeup that was just lovely, very luscious lashes and smokey colours, and the usual Sarah retro-red lippage, exaggerating the size to make the face look slimmer. It’s immodest to say but wow, I think she nailed it to a tee. But I’m biased in that a: it was me and b: if it wasn’t me I’d be in love with me. As per normal that sounds a lot like self-abuse but hell, you only live once. Or twice, if you count the double life.

2: A Proper 1940s Retro Outfit – Sailor Dress from RockNRomance


Pictured – tonight, one night only, the darling of the troops, Vera Grant, sings her memorable song, ‘come back to me, my soldier boy’.

We normally do a quiet warmup outfit first of all so I can shed the fear and anxiety I always seem to bring with me to a makeover sessions gently and gradually, but the Xmas outfit was so gorgeous and perfect I clicked into Sarah mode instantly, so we dived into the pile of outfits I’d bought with gay abandon, if you’ll pardon the phrase.

So this was a purchase after I’d bought the lovely Casidy dress the last session – I bought two outfits from Rock-N-Romance, this wonderful 1940s Sailor Dress which was delightfully retro, and another Casidy with a different pattern. This dress was a perfect replica of the style of sailor suit dress that was popular around the end of the war.

Fully buttoned at the front with a large white collar, piped sleeves at mid shoulder to elbow length and tastefully down to just below the knee, this was a wonderfully fitting and comfortable dress that oozed retro appeal to Sarah. Combined with Cindy’s brilliant interpretation of the Victory Rolls, in blonde this time, and sensible 1940s style heels and I was in retro-girl heaven.


Pictured – retro-girl heaven. I don’t think I could get much farther away from the 50 year old drab persona I wear as a day to day cosplay πŸ˜‰

We did some shots with a vintage style umbrella which petrified me as I’m one of those odd people who think opening an umbrella in doors is unlucky (in my defense I also fail to step on cracks in the pavement, never walk under ladders and always politely address single magpies with the ‘Good Morning Mr.Magpie, how are the wife and children?’ because I’m certifiably mad).


Pictured – angering the ‘don’t open the umbrella inside’ Gods. And trying to assuage them with a cute little smile.

This was a lovely look because I’ve always wanted a sailor suit and this is the first time I’ve seen one that was exactly what I was looking for.

3: A revisit to the Leopard Vivien of Holloway Kitty frock


Pictured – breath-taking to dress like this, breath-taking to see the result

When this dress was released I’m ashamed to admit I was sat continually loading the Vivien of Holloway website until it appeared like a 16 year old boy-band fan trying to get tickets to a concert. And when it appeared I snapped one up, which was a good move as they went like hot-cakes. I did one session with it with a dark red wig and Cindy was never really happy with the look, partly because Cindy is terrifyingly perfection oriented in an OCD way.

So I decided to bring it back and let Cindy have another bash at a look. We kept the hair from the Sailor Suit outfit as it was just to die for, and chucked on the Kitty dress, which really doesn’t do justice to the sheer delight of buttoning up one of these gloriously expensive feeling frocks.


Pictured – all dressed up and ready to hit the town, 1940s style

It’s an odd thing to say but the Vivien of Holloway dresses *feel* like quality. The material is heavy yet comforting, and it feels like a retro dress should feel. It’s difficult to describe, but when you button yourself up into one it’s like falling back in time, and when it is so sexy and divine as the Leopard print you can’t help yourself from, well, feeling sexy.


Pictured – pure sex appeal, but I may be biased…..

I’ve been candid in the blog post on a number of occasions and I’m going to be candid again – this look is exactly the look I want Sarah to have in the outside world, and if I met someone with this look I would fall head over heels in love with her. Again, sounds like self-abuse but I’m allowed to lust after Sarah πŸ˜‰

4: Wonderfully cute Collectif Clothing Swing Dress


Pictured – cute girlie-girl look πŸ™‚

I’ve had this dress in my cupboard for a while now – I was in love with the collar and cuffs, but I couldn’t nail down the kind of look to do with the dress. It’s a gorgeous short number, flared skirt, but with a very cute ‘girl’ look to it.

So we went for cutie – blonde pigtails and a cheeky attitude, and it was a lot of fun to model. I’m not sure what kind of woman this frock is aimed at though; I really can’t see an executive level mid-40s woman showing up to a meeting wearing it.


Pictured – a bit of cute attitude.

We’ll just label it ‘cute and quirky’ and enjoy it for what it is, a cute girlie-girl frock….

5: Another RockNRomance Casidy dress, couldn’t resist it


Pictured – pretty girl, lovely smile, emotions from both sides – I remember being her, and I love seeing her.

I fell in love with the one I wore at the last session, which was a brown/rust colour which was perfectly 1940s. RockNRomance had another pattern, a lovely grey, black and white number with geometric print, again with a tie at the neck.

We decided not to go for Victory Rolls with this look but instead used a lovely polka-dot red headscarf I got off of Amazon. Again we decided to do some poses with a raincoat, as if she was heading back from a long day of typing at a 1940s office. And again, my smile was truly genuine; I *love* playing the 1940s woman and this was pretty much perfect.


Pictured – obligatory bedroom eyes shot.

Occasionally I catch myself during these shoots and wonder what it would be like to leave the drab clothes behind and walk out of the studio as Sarah. Find a low paying job, cheap flat, invest in a tonne of makeup, laser, disappear into the city. And it’s a nice fantasy.

6: Slumber Party Sarah


Pictured – ‘So, Tommy asked me to go to the movies with him, but I’m not going to. Teddy doesn’t like him, and he was going steady with Julia only last week…..’. Also, sitting cross-legged for the first time since I blew a disc in my back and screwed up my sciatic nerve. Ouch. And totally worth it…..

Going to be honest, this blew my mind. The nightdress was an impulse buy whilst I was Xmas shopping in Hereford a week or so ago. It was a comfortable, relatively shapeless but pretty nightie with some Leopard foot prints on it. My idea was to do some ‘boudoir’ shots but when we put Sarah in the nightie something changed.

It felt delightfully right. Cindy dug out the faithful teddy bear we have used in many shoots (the maternity one for example) and gave me her new iPhone and suddenly we had a slumber party cutie, dishing gossip to her girlfriends while hugging her favourite teddy.


Pictured – time to do the teeth and settle down, Teddy. Long day tomorrow.

And it was wonderful. I actually get a bit tearful when I see this set for some unknown reason I can’t put my finger on. There’s something innocent about the look. And it’s SO not what I normally do.

7: Another go with the Sissy Maid outfit


Pictured – a fifty year old man. I never get tired of the thrill of typing that below a picture like this…

I bought this outfit on a whim from the Sissy Shop website, run by Birch Place. It’s actually a lovely fabric, heavy satin, and the little petticoat is wonderfully fun to wear; it’s only about six inches or so deep but stands straight out, giving some serious body to the bottom part of the rather short dress.


Pictured – butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth etc etcΒ 

The style is pure sissy maid; the exaggerated Peter Pan collar and elasticated sleeves which you can seriously puff up give it a lovely shape. It’s like distilled ultra-femininity – obviously not something you could wear, say, down to Tescos to grab some milk, but perfectly acceptable at a fetish club like Torture Garden.

To be honest, it’s hard to justify this outfit as anything but sex-objectification. So I won’t try πŸ™‚


Pictured – Real Doll Sissy model, fully posable. Ahh, objectification, got to love it.

8: A lovely Little Black Dress for a casual date


Pictured – your date for the evening….

I wanted to do another look with the wig we used for the Sissy Maid – I call it the Phoebe wig because for some reason when I wear it it reminds me of Phoebe from Friends. Which is odd because she wasn’t my favourite character, but, as I said to Cindy, this wig just seems to work with everything.


Pictured – hold the Uber darling, I just need a touch of perfume on my neck, wrists and maybe a little spray under the skirt….

This outfit was a choice of Cindy’s – a lovely little simple elegant dress with a rose pattern that I, because I miss the point, didn’t see until I took it off. It was literally as Cindy unzipped it and I stepped out of it that I went ‘wow, look at the flowers!’. Men….

9: The last look of the day – Kitty Klaws back on the streets….


Pictured – one of ‘pimp’ Johnny’s best earners….

Ahh, Kitty, I’ve missed you. For those who don’t follow the blog myself and Cindy have a character we use for the more erotic looks. She’s called Kitty Klaws, because the first look and a number of the ones we did after had her wearing a unique cat ear tiara (because who doesn’t love a tiara!). Plus Kitty Klaws is a lovely ‘porn’ name.

Anyway, as per usual Cindy chose an outfit that I was pretty sure was a belt pretending to be a dress, and a jacket that actually used to be Cindy’s, and she’s barely a size 10. Yet she managed to squeeze poor old Kitty into it, like a perfumed piece of sausage meet, and once in it, and the jacket was carefully squeezed on as well, it was a kinky and really nice ‘streetwalker’ outfit.


Pictured – 40 for O, 60 for A, 80 for the full girlfriend experience.

We like to pick on Kitty. It makes a nice change from the prim and proper retro Sarah. Plus it’s always fun to pretend to be a woman of the night.

And there we go, another glorious Xmas session….

Going to be honest now – due to the back injury and recovery period I’ve been getting out of condition and feeling a little flabby so I intend, after Xmas and the New Year, to get back into training and exercise. I’m planning to resume a bit of Sarah fun in February; got my eye on some lovely retro frocks from a new provider in the States that are very 1940s. But as it’s Xmas I intend to relax and chill for the next week or two, have a lovely Xmas and then on the first of January time to sweat……

So stay beautiful, have a lovely holidays (whatever you celebrate) and be kind to those around you. And hopefully your presents won’t be as inappropriate as housewife Sarah’s…… πŸ™‚


Pictured – well, I suppose they’ll be useful once a month……






One thought on “[Fashion] T’is the season to be Julie, fa la la la la, fa lah lah lah!

  1. Sarah, this is another lovely post sweetie. XX
    All those gorgeous dresses and fabulous frocks! 😊
    And I love that as well as all those fabulous retro outfits, Cindy and yourself like to mix it up a bit with some wonderfully off the wall looks too. πŸ™‚ XX
    I see it as you exploring all aspects of your feminine self and not just staying in your ‘safe zone’ with your trademark retro Looks. And as always you look beautiful in all of them. 😍
    Have a very, Merry Christmas Sarah!
    And an absolutely wonderful New Year! 😘 😘


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