‘Hell Bunny’ dresses – deliciousness

I discovered Hell Bunny dresses in an amusing way. Some of my female friends were chatting on Facebook about retro styles and I was, well, listening as you do (none of them know about Sarah), and ‘Hell Bunny’ was mentioned.

I went off and did some hunting around, found a cool place to buy them online (Soho’s Clothing), and fell in love with the ‘Francine’ dress.

*Everyone* who is into retro fashions needs one of these babies. It has a silky feel, a lovely collar and buttons, and a flared skirt that works with or without a petticoat.

But more importantly it’s the first dress I’ve ever worn that I literally just wanted to spend hours hugging myself in. It just feels so feminine – it flows, it swishes, it sways. Hell, this is a Frock with a capital ‘F’, not a dress, and after an hour or so of wearing it it just feels like a kinky new skin.

I did a couple of photo-shoots with different colour dresses – the picture at the top of the blog is from a session with Cindy at BWBG and we went for a ‘Snow White’ kind of look.

upload77I would strongly suggest getting one of these for your wardrobe. If you put a petticoat under it it flows out nicely, very much a Stepford Wife look. I always wanted to go out in this dress, but it is a bit too retro for daily wear.

Or is it? I can see myself spending all day in it, moping around the house, having a swish. Did I mention the word Frock yet? This is a proper frock.

I now have three of these, including a black one I have yet to model. I’ve bought a lot of Hell Bunny frocks since, and the Marilyn Monroe look in the other blog posts are a Hell Bunny 1940s lang-girl outfit, but the ‘Francine’ frock is by far my favourite.

So, if you want to look like a Stepford Wife for your man, and believe me there are loads of us out there that find that so attractive, get yourself a Francine. You won’t regret it.

Here’s an older picture of me wearing it, with a more ‘wifey’ look. I love this picture because she looks just like the kind of girl I’d be too embarrassed to talk to.


Stay beautiful, sweeties…..


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