[Fashion] The She-xual Frill of it all

A bit of fun for a change!

So, it’s less than a week since the last session, which cumulated in the trip to the Fetish club I described in the last post, and I’ve been thinking a lot about it, the club, the day, the outfits.

During the session I had a moment that was, well, a little odd and disconcerting in a warm, kinky way, but I’ll get to that in due course (and that’s what the title’s about, dear reader, so do stay).

But before the denouement I thought I’d give you a little look into the outfits I modelled and the fun I had. I was a tad hungover from the bottle of Merlot I’d had the night before (actually a bottle plus a glass as I took a few minutes to myself before Cindy and Vicky showed up at the restaurant to sit outside and watch the bussle (the city, not the rather fetching attachment for a Victorian frock). It was nice, first time I’d stopped working or worrying about the session/outing for a long, long time.

Anyway, I showed up at Cindy’s with a not-so-heavy bag of frocks and accessories – doing a single day session is way less logistics – crashed on her sofa while she made me a coffee to try and counteract the after-effects of the evening before, and started to get the Sarah mindset going.

Oddly enough it takes a while for me to get in the groove, and I often end up talking rubbish to Cindy over a cup of coffee while waiting for the pink mist to descend.

Next it was off to the makeup chair and after Cindy had done her magic, not assisted by me who has a thing about people being close to my eyeballs, I found myself sat staring at Sarah, albeit with my hair tied up under a wig cap.

I was determined to chill and enjoy the session – I spend way too much time before a session planning it, to the point that I don’t actually believe it’s going to happen until I’m sat in the chair with a face-full of makeup, and way too much time after pouring over the pictures. It’s like the bit in the middle, where I’m *actually* dressed as a woman, seems unreal. Which is a huge shame, as that’s the whole point.

The plan was to do a number of outfits I’d brought along, then a couple of Cindy’s choices, then an afternoon of what we call ‘speed dating’, where we would throw on an outfit, take a couple of pictures, then on to the next, spending more time with any that took our fancy.

Plus Cindy had a couple of special outfits – a Union Flag frock, ala Geri Halliwell (see the picture at the top of the blog) and a gorgeous new full-length Disney Cinderella costume which really took my fancy.

So, here we go, each and every outfit with the rationale behind it. And then I’ll explain the little moment…..

1: Sarah’s Summer Frockage


Pictured – first smile of the day.

I picked up this low-cut floral summer frock from Joanie’s Clothing, an online retro distributer that has some seriously cool frocks – there are a couple featured in this blog, but this one was the ‘warm-up’ dress. I always pick a frock that isn’t too out there, something comfy, so as to start the session gently. This one was very nice, good bit of cleavage, and I loved the way the sleeves hung down. There’s something awfully femm about that style and it makes your arms feel, well, a little sexy when they swish around your upper arm. Chuck in an attached white under-dress, a lovely satin-y feel that was *gorgeous* over shaved legs and stockings, the addition of an anklet from a wonderful friend (the first girlie gift from a gentleman that Sarah has ever received), big earrings and a sensible but lovely hairstyle and the day was off to a stunning start.

Shexual rating – lots of cleavage for the boys, cute in a ‘already taken’ kind of way

2: The young wife and her first attempt at a ‘sensible’ frock


Pictured – yummy little wifey

Oh my Lord I *loved* this outfit. It’s got a 60s feel to it, but to me, especially with the hair we chose for this, it’s got that cute ‘stay at home’ wife look to it. The large collar, pink check print and short-but-sensible length made it a joy to pose in, and the pink heels just added a certain degree of girlie-ness to the whole look.

This is my favourite kind of outfit. It’s a little domesticated, a little ‘girlie’ and a lot of fun. It’s also a style that a lot of modern girls would shy away from, which is a little sad because it is quintessentially feminine.

Another Joanie’s Clothing dress, this one is firmly in my closet for if we ever organise a ‘husbands and wives’ intimate dinner for admirers and T-girls…

Shexual rating – I’d be following her around the supermarket as she shopped waiting for a chance to pounce on her and have my wicked way. Hey, I’m allowed to think naughty thoughts about her, it’s practically self abuse.

3: Polkadots and frills…


Pictured – not quite long enough

One of my frocks again, but this one didn’t *quite* work. I loved the sleeves but the proportions of the dress didn’t seem to suit my size. Oh well, any chance to flounce it a chance not wasted, but not a frock I’d go out of my way to wear again.

Shexual rating – not my type. Imagine she’d be loud and crass in the nightclub. Hey, it’s fun to turn your nose up at yourself.

4: The Banker’s Trophy Wife


Pictured – dribble.

Now *that* was more like it. We combined a sensible ‘more mature’ ladies hairstyle with this utterly gorgeous frock (yet another from Joanie’s Clothing) and it worked a treat. I felt divine, very restricted and a little submissive, and spent a lot of time fawning over myself in the mirror.

My mind was also engaged at the naughtiness level. I imagined I’d defaulted on a loan to the bank and the manager had offered me a way to get out of it by dressing as his trophy wife for the weekend. Yeah, too much Fictionmania in my past, but it was a lovely fantasy, especially looking that gorgeous.

Shexual Rating – off the bloody chart. I love the look of a conservative mature woman and this look ticked all the boxes. I’d be going after her if she wasn’t on the arm of that bloody banker all the time.

5: Retro 1940s Hostess Take Two


Pictured – OUTSIDE! Always scares me as I expect one of Cindy’s neighbours to be looking down and disapproving.

This was another of the wonderful Pretty Retro Hostesses frock – I decided to pick up a red one as I love my green one, but I took a gamble – this is a size 16 (and I’m a little chunky at the moment having discovered BrewDog beer again combined with an urge not to exercise), but it fit like a glove.

I have no real idea why 1940s frocks resonate so much with me but, as you’ll see later when we get to my ultimate frock, they just work for me.

Shexual Rating – I’d love her to spend an evening doting on her husband, but not in a sexual way – this outfit oozes sophistication and a lot of good old British restraint.

6: You *shall* go to the ball, Cinderella


Pictured – Acres of satin and petticoat

What a wonderful frock. However, it has a couple of downsides. Firstly, posing is pretty much all you can do, there’s a lot of frock going on there. Secondly, you do feel like somewhat of a scrumptious floofy cake. Nothing wrong with that, but don’t ask me to run anywhere in this costume.

Plus a tiara. You can’t go wrong with a tiara.

Shexual Rating – It’s a Disney Princess. Therefore either it’s one of a man’s top five fantasies for a sexual encounter, or it’s Disney and therefore very, very wrong. 🙂

7: My *ultimate* 1940s frock


Pictured – Sarah in Heaven

Speechless. The minute I put this frock on it just felt like I’d been wearing it my entire life. This is my ideal dress, I can’t describe how wonderful this made me feel.

It’s a Pretty Retro Tiki 1940s shirt dress, but that doesn’t start to describe how utterly brilliant the fit is, the feel of it, just everything. This is now officially my favourite frock and I’m planning to go to the Wayout in August dressed exactly like this.

It is everything I see as feminine. Hmm, methinks the girl gushes too much….

Shexual Rating – oh come on, read the above paragraphs! I’m in love with this girl so hard I think I may have broken myself at a mental level. 

8: A Kitty Kitty


Pictured – good girls don’t suck their thumbs, Sarah

Yeah, I have way too many Kitty frocks from Vivien of Holloway, but come on, a pink Kitty with a Kitty pattern? Doesn’t get more femm than that, and combined with a retro white belt and a luscious flower for my hair and I’m very much in love with the ensemble.

Shexual Rating – having been on the inside of the frock I’d love to feel how it is to hug it, the material is so beautiful to touch.

9: Geri Halliwell


Pictured – either ‘look here’ or ‘aim here’, depending on how naughty you feel.

Sooo, this was the moment….. Skip to the end to find out why this was so deliciously odd.

Shexual Rating – wait until the end

10: Off to the Diner with Brad the Quarterback.


Pictured – about to make out in the back of a Chevy

I wanted to try something a bit 1950s cutie-pie – I’ve worn this dress before as a ‘Belle and the Beast’ look but thought it would work a charm as a 1950s chick, very like Marty McFly’s mum (I so want the purple dress she wears in BTTF). Plus I never wear cardigans ever, so this was a first.

Shexual Rating – I get the feeling she never gives out, and it would be a pain to fight through all the petticoats, but still a little cutie.

11: Nightclub Brat


Pictured – the easy girl in the nightclub

Gorgeous little frock chosen by Cindy (dealer’s choice number one), I wasn’t sure if it would work because of the length and the high collar but boy, was I wrong.

This look reminds me of that one girl you see in most nightclubs, very loud, crass, hell of a flirt.

Shexual Rating – yes, with as many of the club goers as she can. And probably in exchange for a JaegerBomb. 

12: When your Mum goes clubbing


Pictured – MILF

Another Dealer’s Choice from the wonderful Cindy, this was a nightmare to get on (lots of rolling and tugging) but I love the look – middle aged mum out for a night on the tiles with her girlfriends.

Shexual Rating – high, but be prepared to talk about 1980s power ballads between snogs.

13: Schoolteacher or Schoolgirl? You decide.


Pictured – bit of winsome going on here.

This was a revisit of a lovely little formal frock I did before as part of a schoolteacher look, but when we had the ensemble in place it just seemed a lot more cute and girlie than expected. Really fun frock and is a tad restrictive in a kinky way.

Shexual Rating – unless you’re Japanese you should be thinking of getting her home *safely* as opposed to getting her home

14: A revisit of the Vivien of Holloway Floral Grace Frock


Pictured – happiness in a petticoat

This was one of the first Viv frocks I ever bought, and when I bought it I was, err, a little larger around the waist. So we used a retro belt to pull it in a bit, and the result was lovely.

Shexual Rating – one of my personal likes, a girl in a flouncy frock with a hint of cleavage

15: Patsy from AbFab!


Pictured – Fetch the Bolly, Eddy…

I may have mentioned that I have a rather large soft spot for Joanna Lumley. So here you go.

Shexual Rating – Joanna Lumley. Enough said. As someone who’s first sexual awakenings included seeing her in Sapphire and Steel I can be forgiven for wanting to be her. And with her. 

16: The Club Look

Hell, here’s not only the club look but a picture from outside the club, with Cindy looking delectably wonderful in a frock I could only dream of getting into…..


Shexual Rating – nothing to see here, sir, move along please….

And that was the session, sixteen looks in ten hours and a trip to a Fetish Club (as described in the previous blog post).

Sooo, you’ve stuck with me until now, so let’s talk about that odd moment.

Turns out that the Geri Halliwell look is the only look I’ve ever done where I couldn’t look in the mirror. It was literally too much of a mind-f*ck, when I saw the reflection it just triggered a longing in me for the person in the mirror, and it was too much.

I wonder whether it was down to the fact that it is such an iconic look linked to a powerfully sexy individual. But for some gloriously kinky reason I couldn’t look in the mirror and see Geri looking back without getting uncomfortably turned on. So we had to take all the pictures with me trying very hard not to look at myself.

The Shexual frill of it all indeed…..

Stay beautiful and try not to lose yourself in the mirror.



4 thoughts on “[Fashion] The She-xual Frill of it all

  1. Oh sweetie, I love this post! 😊 XXX
    All those wonderful, gorgeous and fabulous frocks! 😍
    It’s taken a few days for me to quell the hissy fit my own inner woman was having, enough to be able to read your post without her kicking off again. But today I’ve finally managed it. 🙂 X
    We both know that Cindy has an eye for excellent attire for us girls but you certainly do too! 😊 Your choices here are fabulous! That tiki dress proves it. When you wear it to Wayout, make sure you take armed guards because I guarantee that you will be the prettiest girl there!
    Keep up this phenomenal work hun!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Sarah. Oh my! this is probably your best selection of dresses so far! Every dress elicited a longing inside me. I so much wanted to be you! Some of your pics cry out for a special mention, so here goes:

    01 Summer Frockage dress: Oh so summery and sexy but I would have difficulty averting my eyes away from your ample bosom.

    05 Retro Retro 1940s Hostess: Those lips seductively parted and the “come to bed” look in your eyes would reduce me to jelly. Gorgeous dress too!

    06 Cinderella: Oh yes – one of my favourite fantasies too. It makes me want to be 12 years old and swept off my feet in a flurry of chiffon and satin by a butch Prince Charming.

    07 Ultimate 1940s Frock: Impossible to improve on your feelings about this wonderful dress. If I saw you in the Wayout wearing this dress I would make a beeline for you and encircle you in my arms.

    12 Mum goes clubbing: Definitely the sexiest dress you have ever worn. It displays – or flaunts, even – your voluptuous figure to its maximum allure. Who wants a frilly teenager when such a sexy MILF is available. “Take me! Take me! I want to be your slave”

    14 Vivien of Holloway: Probably my favourite style of dress. Vivien designs the most beautiful 50s creations and this dress is no exception. I love everything about it – the style, the colour, the pattern and, of course, it has to be worn with a couple of net or chiffon petticoats. If I could travel back in time, I would head straight to the 1950s when girls were so much more feminine than they are today. Fancy coming with me?

    09 Geri Halliwell: Geri was the heart and soul of the Spice Girls and soooooo sexy too. I met her once – I used to be a London Black Cab driver and I found her to be one of the sweetest celebs I had in my cab. No airs or graces, just a wonderful, drop dead gorgeous lady with a gregarious personality. I love her to bits – Still do! Oh why didn’t I ask for her autograph!!??

    If I had to choose my favourites – well I simply can’t! But I guess 12 and 14 would have me lying prostrate at your feet, begging to attract your attention.

    Ok, sorry to bang on for so long Sarah, but this post has fired up quite a flutter in my heart. Every photo creates a wonderful, erotic fantasy in my mind – and a stirring down below – in which we satiate our wildest dreams.

    You have my complete admiration. Lots of Love and stay safe, Sylvia xxx


  3. Hi Sarah ,

    I loved the nightclub brat outfit 😘and the when your mum goes clubbing outfit 😘until I got to the club look !!!

    You look good but Cindy 🥰😍 OMG!


    Lara-Lilly x

    Liked by 1 person

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