[Fashion] Blogging in the immediate afterglow (2)

Oh. My. Goddess.

Well, that was an interesting day. Ten hour of modelling frocks and just have a riot of a time with the utterly sweet Cindy at Boys Will Be Girls and I’m finally lying on the bed in the hotel, wearing only a pair of shorts, traces of eye-shadow and the biggest grin you’ve ever seen.

Because that was special. No, f*ck that, that was the best time I’ve had since I discovered masterbating. I’m knackered, I have muscle pains where I didn’t even know I had muscles, and in under ten hours I’m going to do it all again, well *only* nine hours this time, but nonetheless.


But why was it so special? A number of reasons – firstly, Cindy’s skill just gets better and better. Secondly my weight loss means that the ever-smiling girl I see in the mirror after Cindy has waved her magic wand is looking more and more like the inner girl I have tried to ignore for years. But thirdly I’ve found one photo out of the 1170 we took today that stopped me in my tracks.

It literally took my breath away. I couldn’t see a trace of me in it, and the image is of a happy woman, a confident woman, and, not immodestly, a beautiful woman. And that woman is me. Holy crap on a stick.

Here it is.



And that was just a part of the day. Nine outfits, some wonderful costumes, amusing banter and the usual set of ironic pains which didn’t stop me posing like my life depended on it.

Today was all about costumes and glamour – as per normal this is the second day of three, the first, documented yesterday, was trying a more natural look, today was full on glamour, tomorrow, well, let’s see. One part of me wants the glamour and she’s very, very loud in my ear. Another part of me wants to do the natural look again, which was deceivingly wonderful.


As I very unhelpfully said to Cindy today when trying to describe the look I’d like for the day (and it was a seriously daft way of putting it), I want a Modern Retro. Or a Retro Modern. You know, all the good bits of the modern look *and* all the good bits of the retro look. Which was singularly unhelpful on my part, yet Cindy nailed it.

So today was indescribably fun, and tomorrow is set to be the same – I left all the posh frocks for tomorrow’s session. In fact, again, some of the frocks today have been hanging in my wardrobe, unloved, for a long while. And then they come out and shine, with some of the most satisfying looks we’ve ever done.

There was what I called the ‘worst bridesmaid outfit’. Which perversely is the one I’m wearing in my now all-time favourite picture (shown above). There was what I thought would be a safe and boring ‘starter’ outfit – I tend to be stiff and very, well, masculine when we do the first shoot before I loosen up and Sarah takes control of the muscles, but today, wow, superb straight out of the box.

Amusing moments – trying to explain quantum mechanics and chaos magic to Cindy and Vicky, wearing two pairs of tights, two pairs of pants and various slabs of silicon because the halloween witch’s frock was about six inches too short and I needed proper child-bearing hips to carry off the look. Binge noshing a pizza at the end of the session as I’d foregone any food in order to try and squeeze sexily into the latex rock-chick dress (and it worked, although I had to keep coughing and changing the conversation to hide the loud and obvious moans of my empty stomach as Cindy did her magic on it. Not peeing for nine hours as my bladder was completely constrained by the corset, then taking it off. Man, that’s a pleasure only us dedicated corset-wearing cross-dressers can experience.


Right, hate to love you and leave you, but Sarah needs a touch of sleep to get ready for tomorrow’s final day of the mega-session, one filled with retro and *maybe* the re-emergence of preggers-Sarah which, oddly, is the most popular image set on Flickr *by far*.

So stay beautiful and true to yourselves. You never know what’s coming around the corner but sometimes it can be a great big slap of utter happiness.



2 thoughts on “[Fashion] Blogging in the immediate afterglow (2)

  1. Oh Sarah! You are really spoiling us today!! 😁 XX
    These are all absolutely amazing images. 😯
    I think in reality Cindy is a mind reader! It’s the only explanation left where we can do our best not to completely mis-describe and utterly fail. And yet she still manages to absolutely give us the look we didn’t know but did know we wanted! And that means she’s absolutely amazing!
    Sleep well hun. And enjoy your time tomorrow.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. well what a wonder few days you have had. You look gorgeous in all of your outfits the modern retro ones and the retro modern ones (yes I wasn’t just looking at the pictures, well pictures mostly). I agree with you about the tracks stopping picture you look stunning. Looking forward to the next installment

    Liked by 1 person

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