The Housewife Fantasy

In my last photoshoot the sublimely talented and beautiful make-up artist (shameless plug for Cindy at Boys will be Girls) continually told me that I looked like a housewife who had had a couple of children. That statement should have caused the bloke-part of me to ponder the moment, but it didn’t. It felt wonderful to hear the comment, and that got me thinking.

I’d chosen the dress because it was house-wifey, and buttoning it up with long fingernails, which is harder than it looks and again, kudos to all women everywhere for putting up with that fashion, it felt just right. Wobbling around on heels, feeling the skirt swish around my legs, and my mind started to wander around the idea.

What is it about being a housewife that appeals to us gurls? Is it the role? Is it the loss of perceived male power? Is it the implicit thought that there must be a husband in the picture?

All of the above, sweeties.

The idea of spending all day dressed as I was in the picture which headlines this blog-post was a huge turn-on for me. Doing the tasks I associated with a housewife, the shopping, the cooking, the cleaning, it all seemed like a lot of delicious fun.

Yeah, I know the fantasy is far from reality. A good friend I’ve made via Flickr who spends her entire life enfemme said, very sagely, that a TV can’t wait to get into heels and a TS can’t wait to take them off, which highlights some of the flaws in my fantasy.

Firstly heels are sexy. But not practical. But hell, they are fun to wear for a short time.

Secondly a flared skirt is not hugely helpful when you are swishing around a kitchen. Again, deliciously fun but you tend to knock stuff over if you aren’t concentrating.

Thirdly, nails. I love long nails, basically because of the way it makes your hands feel a little helpless. But I can’t do anything with them on. Literally nothing. In fact more than nothing because, and prepare yourself for a little blokey moment, you tend to forget you have them on until you go to, ahem, pick your nose. Then you remember.

But it is all worth it. The wonderful thing I have found around all of these outfits is the longer you wear them, the more normal they feel. After thirty minutes or so you *are* the retro housewife, and that moment is exquisite. Anyway, fashion information! The dress is a vintage style tea-dress from the wonderful Lindy Bop. It’s available at

It is a comfortable cotton fabric, pulls in in all the right places. It’s a nice weight, and feels like the kind of dress you’d be comfortable swanning around the house all day waiting for hubby to come home. And it’s the kind of dress that hubby would find attractive, stylish in a forties kind of way and has that ‘I’m a woman and I’m proud’ kind of feel to it.

I wore it with an up-do wig, stockings and a nice pair of sensible heels. Only thing missing from the photoshoot was the fashion accessory of a man in a suit, but that’s another blog post methinks.

Stay beautiful, sweeties…

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