I’m a late 40s bloke who occasionally feels the urge to not be a late 40s bloke. Turns out that I scrub up reasonably well and when I do I want to dress in retro woman’s fashion.

Weird eh?

Turns out not. There’s lots of cool psychological reasons, mostly to do with just how utterly boring and stressful it is to be a late 40s bloke, but that’s not what it is about.

It’s the clothes. The look. I can’t believe just how hard it is to look good, and I raise my invisible hat to the millions of women who have to do it.

Me, I’m lucky. 99.9% of days I chuck on whatever is on the floor. But on those other 00.1% days it’s a different matter.

This blog is all about sharing my experiences, the fun, the clothes, where to get good stuff, what is the meaning of it all, basically an outlet for Sarah as opposed to the cynical old fart who hides behind her lashes.