[BFG] Lucy Lovelace

Section 1: Getting to know the girl.

1: What’s your full name. And why?

Lucy Lovelace. I never assigned myself a female persona with a name for the first two decades of my life. Lucy was the name of my first serious partner and one night after we had consumed a bottle of gin between us I kind of revealed my other side to her. Needless to say it wasn’t received enthusiastically, and I took her name as my femme name to remind me not to do anything so rash again. It worked for 31 years until I felt the urge in March to disclose my other side to my wife. If I was FTM instead of MTF I would have ended up taking the name Gordon from that first revelation I think!

Lovelace was more of a placeholder, I couldn’t get Facebook to accept the apostrophe and two capital letters in O’Neill when setting up the account and on reflection, I do love lace, I’m a girly girl. My struggle with Facebook will continue until they see the error of their ways and finally accept the name change


Pictured – Could I be more girlie?

2: How long have you been dressing?

My first memory was around 8 years old so I’m now into my 5th decade, my biggest regret is that I fought it for so many years before realising not only was I not able to change, more importantly I didn’t want to.

3: What’s your super-heroine origin story?

I never had one, I was a nerd and not a geek growing up, but I will never forget watching the video for Queens ‘I want to break free’ for the first time. I was thrilled to see Freddie Mercury in stockings, albeit with a moustache as well. That was the moment when I thought maybe I’m not the only one, Ireland in the early 80s was a bleak place!

If pressed I would opt for Marilyn Monroe as Sugar Kowalski in ‘Some Like It Hot’. Not surprisingly a film that had a big impact on me the first time I saw it, the ‘jello on springs’ moment as Sugar sashayed down the platform will be with me to the end.

4: What was the first piece of female clothing you bought, and how scary was it to buy it?

My first item was a full slip from the Charnos ‘togetherness’ range of coordinating lingerie in the late 80’s. To say it was scary is an understatement. I had on the previous afternoon walked casually through the lingerie department of one of Dublin’s most prominent department stores to get my bearings whilst at the same time trying to look nonchalantly like I was taking a shortcut or looking for someone. I doubt any of the sales staff were fooled, looking back I suspect they would have witnessed the behaviour numerous times. The next morning the store opened at 9.00, I was by the display making my choices by 9.02 and at the cash desk by 9.03 ready to make a rapid purchase and exit. By 9.05 the ‘tactical strike’ was over and I was putting distance between myself and my purchase and the scene of the crime with my heart still racing from the fear of someone other than the store staff having seen me. Sadly, that was during my denial years and it was purged. I grew up in the 70’s when all women wore slips and it is sad to see one of the most feminine articles of clothing being slowly being consigned to history. It is a garment which reveals but at the same time hides and leaves the rest to the imagination.


Pictured – Just a slip of a girl

5: Tranny, cross-dresser, t-girl or something else? And why?

I hate labels! In my younger days I considered myself a transvestite but the literal meaning of that means someone who wears clothes normally associated with the other sex so that covers a significant proportion of cis-females. Same could be said for the literal meaning of crossdresser. I found one label which I thought described me well as a ‘non-fetishistic, non-transitioning transgender’ but it’s a bit of a mouthful so I just default to t-girl.

6: Where do you see yourself in ten years? Fabulous or drab?

I know I’m always going to be part time, happy with both my male and female personas. It has taken me a long time to get comfortable with where I am now. I will be still fabulous occasionally. The genie is out of the bottle after coming out at home and that process can’t be reversed.

Section 2: Fashion, fashion, fashion.

7: Dress or separates? And why?

Dress definitely, to me they are the essence of femininity, I love all dresses but have a particular weakness for fit and flare type full skirt dresses and 50’s retro dresses with a petticoat to give volume. At almost 6ft tall they do help to balance the proportions. Colour is a big plus for me too, I just can’t say no to a floral print dress perhaps it’s a reaction to my drab work life in a dark suit.

Having said that I am partial to the occasional smart skirt, cashmere top and Hermes scarf look, perfect for church, WI or Mothers Union and I love my black leather skirt, very versatile for dressing up or down

8: Heels or flats? And why?

I struggle to understand what was going through Sarah’s mind when this question was included, heels of course although I do have a pair of black flat knee-high boots (smart not slutty) which are great for prolonged periods out and about.

9: Studs or hoops? For your ears, of course…. And why?


Pictured – A rare sight, Lucy in hoops (and leather!)

Usually studs, my ears are not pierced so it is always clip-ons and I kind of have a thing about pearls, earrings bracelets and a fabulous 3 string graduated choker which I originally boughT as a gift for my wife shortly after we were married (genuinely  no hidden agenda!) and have now misappropriated because in all our years married she has only wore it once.

10: Tights or stockings? And why?

Stockings as a rule because I find them easier to put on than tights. I did try hold ups for a while but ended up going back to stockings. Also, I’m a bit OCD and do like to have matching lingerie, I find a 6-strap belt holds everything securely. I did default to tights on the occasions where I travelled across London by DLR, Underground and Train to protect my modesty.


Pictured – Another rare sight, Lucy in tights, ready to head across London using public transport 

11: Taffeta or leather? And why?

Taffeta! The look, the rustling sound, I’m all in! I have had three ‘bridal experiences’ and I loved every one of them, the first occasion and dress are still my favourite. I wore a tea length 50’s style wedding dress, and pillbox veil to give the full retro vibe


Pictured – The blushing bride!

12: Tight bodycon just down to the mid-thigh, or full circle skirt and a petticoat? And why?

Definitively a full circle skirt and petticoat, in addition to the fact that I love that look it also works wonders for hiding skinny hips and not so skinny other parts that middle age brings.


Pictured – Floral print dress with full circle skirt and petticoat, ticks all the boxes…

13: Baby doll nightie or pink satin pyjamas? And why?

My heart says baby doll it’s such a feminine cliché, I know it would be the satin PJs as I would freeze in the baby doll. As it happens I do wear silk PJs which I picked up several pairs of in Hong Kong a few years back. Another of my attempts to give subtle hints to my wife for all the good it did.

Section 3: Gay abandon and naughtiness. Remember you have three ‘bugger off’ cards.

14: A boy, a girl and a t-girl walk into a bar. Who do you make a pass at? And why?

The boy would never be in the running, I’m attracted to femininity, so the girl and the t-girl would each have a 50:50 chance coming out of the trap but in reality it would always be the girl.

15: Wine tasting – spit or swallow? And why?

Swallow, my palate is not sophisticated enough to be refreshed for another variety.

16: Assuming you don’t mind admirers, a rich one whisks you away and offers you a million ‘whatever currency you use’ to either have extensive facial cosmetic surgery or gender re-assignment. Which would you take, or would you just steal the money and go on a clothing shopping bender?

Easy, take the money and run! I’m a shopaholic and always thinking of the next purchase.

Section 4: The scent of perfume, a history truth or fib. Remember you have three ‘bugger-off’ cards, unless you answered none of the naughty ones.

17: When you’ve been dressed, which toilet have you used? If you haven’t, which toilet would you use?

Last November on my very first time out as Lucy I used the ladies. As a friend of mine put it, it is better to be arrested for using the ladies than beaten to death for using the gents when en femme.


Pictured – desperately wondering where the nearest public convenience is…

18: What’s the most embarrassing moment you can share?

Being discovered by my father when I was dressed in my mother’s clothes at the age of 14. It was never spoken about afterwards, but I still cringe when I think about it. Looking back, I suspect the experience was as traumatic for him as it was for me.

19: What’s the most amusing moment you can share?

March 2019, travelling on London’s Docklands Light Rail en femme. A group of about 25 school girls got in to the carriage at one stop and I could see the realisation as I was ‘made’ run through the group like a chain reaction. They got off 2 stops later and were still staring into the carriage from the platform as I beamed back at them.


Pictured – OMG, there’s a tranny over there in that seat!!

20: No guilt, no repercussions – if you could have an intimate night with one celebrity, who would it be and why?

None of them, I detest the cult of celebrity that pervades every aspect of our existence and dumbs down society. However if I had to pick it would be Marilyn Monroe (see question 3) as Sugar Kowalski. A girl who wasn’t afraid of her size 16 figure and had both brains and beauty.

Section 5: Free form femininity.

In less than 100 words, describe your feminine self.

I can do that in one word, girly! Pretty dresses, bright colours, soft pastel colours, pretty lingerie, soft fabrics and lace sums me up. Being Lucy is my happy place, how I escape from the stress of daily life.

In less than 100 words, describe your ultimate femm fantasy

I’m a senior exec in a multinational and I love the thought of coming into work as Lucy, dressed in serious business attire, knee length wool sheath dress, pearls and Hermes scarf with heels. My office is situated off an open plan area and I often see the ladies working there and think that I have a better sense of style than they do with one or two exceptions. They need a role model……………

Final comments for the Bitchfinder General.

Thank you Sarah for the opportunity of a guest spot in your fabulous blog! xxx

3 thoughts on “[BFG] Lucy Lovelace

  1. I love your answers Lucy!
    And I so agree with you about slips. 🙂
    And I wish I could offer you more help about the ‘O’ too. I’m at a loss as to how I have one and can’t. 😕
    Keep being your lovely self!


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